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The Museum on The Yangtze River
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At dusk, as we set foot on a ship on the Yangtze river, the cabin doors were opened one by one. In a flash, it seemed that we were surrounded by a torrent of information across time and space: Resplendent luxury, the shadow of perfumed clothing , glitter and glamour. The party has not ended, but the chaos has been born. The sounds and symbols that came from hundreds of years ago are so vivid that we have been brought into an old ages. This is "Bosom Friend" ship, the first large theme performing ship built as 1930s style in the Yangtze river : ship museum, built in the water, “bosom friend”. The construction began in September 2015, currently the only one performing ship of China inland . Such a gorgeous retro steam ship, from its first berth in Hankou river beach reed catkins, attracted the attention of countless people. It aims to integrate and pass out the classic culture of Wuhan. It is a card really represent Wuhan city images. "Bosom Friend" can sail not only between Wuhan two rivers and among four shores, but also any citys along Yangtz River, between Chongqing and Shanghai. Relying on the Yangtze river golden waterway, with a sailing voyage, build the upgraded cultural version of the Yangtze River economic belt, strengthen the cultural exchange and communication integration of whole basin, so as to further promote the development of regional cooperation and coordination. This is the best interpretation for thousands years culture .

Recalling the project from start to completion, our company, Wuhan JiangHanChaoZong Travel Company (the ship owner) and Wuchang Shipbuilding (the shipyard)repeatedly communicated and confirmed on the technical schemes, in pursuit of historical appearance revivification, and the combination with the mordern technology and manufacturing, everybody did a lot of work, including consulting books of the last century, films and pictures. Finally, the installation of the equipment has been well received by the owners, and it is hoped that our products will become a business card that will be passed by the flowing museum.