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Changjiang Waterway Bureau Successfully Tested The Floating Entaglements Removal Device -“Mechanical Hand”
Source:Changjiang Waterway Bureau   Update time:2017-05-31 13:49:53   view:times

On 25, May, 2017. The “Mechanical Hand”, designed by Changjiang Wuhan Waterway Bureau, carried out grass entaglements removal test successfuly within Wuhan waterway jurisdiction area.

In the test, the operator remotely control the “Mechanical Hand” to direct at and grasp the grass, bringing the wire ropes into interteeth gaps in avoid of being nipped.

This device is mainly composed of mechanical hand and hydraulic pumpset, availing of the large hydraulic mechanical power to implement the quick grasp of grass.

The“Mechanical Hand” is installed on a 110 kw beacon ship. The test verifies ship's good stability in“Mechanical Hand”operation , complying with the design and the marine product inspection requirements. At the same time, its installation in the new 326KW beacon ship was also calculated by Changjiang Wuhan Waterway Bureau , and the result also meets the specification requirements.

In addition to the floating entaglements removal, it also can be used to lift heavy materials and anchor stones.

The operators do not need to operate it nearby water, easily finish the removal just only by the“Mechanical Hand”.  It greatly improve the safety and working efficiency.

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