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Scenery Supplementary

Scenery supplementary is a electric power generating system. It generates electricity through solar cell and wind generators, and then the accumulator stores the energy, when the user need electricity, the inverter will convert direct current(dc) into alternating current (ac) stored in the accumulator, and supplys the elecricity through the transmission lines to user load. Scenery supplementary is a new type of power source. 

Using scenery supplementary system, not only can simplify the electrical installation engineering operation procedures, but also can reduce a lot of electrical equipments, like transformer, power distribution cabinets, power distribution board, greatly saving manpower and materials. At the same time, the natural solar energy and wind can be used as raw materials without consuming ore fuel, which will reduce air pollution to zero and improve the quality of urban environment.

We periodically carry out scientific reserchs and studies with Wuhan Zklingyun New Energy Co., Ltd. Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan University of Technology, have abundant technical strength and rich experience in project implementation. Like the off-grid scenery supplementary engineering systems, cooperated with Wuhan Zklingyun in Changjiang Waterway Bureau 65 m heavy vessel and Chongqing signal station projects, are highly praised and accredited by Ministry of Transport and Changjiang Waterway Bureau.