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The winch is composed of a motor and one or several drums. It is used primarily for tensioning mooring lines, winding up and storing cable and line,also can be used to ensure that cargo is securely lashed,for the purpose of mooring, towing, etc.

The main technical parameters of winch include drive power, rated load, rated speed, rope diameter, rope capacity, electric motor power and drum qty.Our winch has a drum load scope of 2.5kN-1000kN, with characters of compact structure, high rigidity, easy installation, stable running, excellent wire spooling, flexible speed variation and reliable braking.The winch is available for classificaton of CCS, ABS, BV, NK, etc. and devided to the following 3 types according to the power:

  • Manual winch
  • Electric winch
  • Hydraulic winch